It’s difficult for me to put into words how much the Healer’s Program means to me. You brought me out of my deepest darkness. Within two months you healed me of my eating disorder and opened my heart to self-love. You and our group held me in compassion, understanding, and love. You helped me speak my truth. Thank you with all my heart for this experience.

Abby, New York City

Over the past twenty years, health writer Tom Monte has helped many leading figures of natural medicine tell their stories. When you see Tom Monte’s name on a book, you know it will be sensible, informative, and well written. Now, with Unexpected Recoveries, Monte has entered a a new dimension He proves himself to be not just a medical writer but a medical philosopher of the first order. If you are suffering from an intractable illness, such as cancer, you must read this book. It goes beyond the usual welter of pills, portions, remedies, and diets to an understanding of the principles of health.

on Tom Monte’s book, Unexpected Recoveries

Dr. Ralph Moss

bestselling author, National Institutes of Health scientist, and cancer expert

I got more out of two counseling sessions with Tom Monte than I did from five years of therapy.

I had battled eczema all of my adult life. My legs oozed and bled for years. I could not wear shorts, even in the hottest summer weather, because the wounds that appeared on my legs. Three months after adopting the macrobiotic diet that you recommended to me, my eczema was completely gone. All of the wounds and scarring had completely disappeared. You saved my life.

Donna, Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts

I learned to honor my truth and experience light, love, and infinite compassion, as well as my anger, sadness, grief with a non-judgmental spirit. Thanks to our group and Tom’s guidance and wisdom, my head gave in and my heart opened. The Healer’s Program was a hands-on, intense and powerful workshop where I was able to help others, receive and ask for help, learn powerful healing tools, and experience a lot of love.

Angela, New York City

Tom Monte’s book is the first perspective on healing that incorporates a complete worldview. It will serve as a useful source ot anoyone who wishes to approach the healing process in a truly holistic manner.

on Tom Monte’s book, World Medicine: The East West Guide to Healing Your Body.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

bestselling author and spiritual teacher

My husband didn’t want to make love anymore, and refused to talk about it. He kept saying that there was no problem. He also refused to get counseling. So I just went by myself. Tom taught me how to talk to Jim from my heart and vulnerability, instead of demanding things, which is what I had been doing. It took some practice but we really started connecting, just by me changing my way. Things have been so much better. Oh, and we make love all the time now.

Mary, Springfield, MA

The Healer’s Program absolutely transformed my life. I am so tremendously grateful for the opportunity to journey through this course. As we learned healing modalities, we also grew as individuals, as healers, and as a community. I have walked away feeling lighter, freer, empowered, and connected to others.

Kerry, New York State

Just after I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, a friend of mind showed up in the hospital and gave me a copy of Living Well Naturally. I adopted the diet described in the book and three months later my doctors informed that that they could no longer find any cancer in my body.

on Living Well Naturally, by Anthony Sattilaro, M.D., with Tom Monte

Cynthia, Chicago, Illinois

My girlfriend used to see Tom when he came to the city. She wanted us to go together. My feeling was that I wasn’t about to sit there while she complained about me to a stranger. But Tom supported me and treated me with respect. He understood where I was coming from, even though I’m not much of a talker. It turned out really good.

Peter, New York, NY

Tom Monte’s Workshop for Healers is a journey into the depths of life itself. Not for the faint of heart, it is a rewarding, challenging, life-changing method of facilitating profound transformation. Utilizing bioenergetics, macrobiotic theory, and Intuitive and Asian diagnosis and healing techniques, the Monte Method is a powerful tool for healers and anyone committed to transformational growth. Tom Monte is relentlessly dedicated to helping others, and I witnessed extraordinary shifts in myself and others during the months we spent together as a team. If you are ready for a revolution in your life and in your healing practice, this is unquestionably the place to be.

Beyond my above-posted testimonial, I want to add that this was an absolutely extraordinary experience. I got more from 4 weekends with Tom Monte than I have from any other course of study I’ve ever participated in. For those of you who are truly interested in healing work, this is one of the best investments you could possibly make in your practice and your life.

Jen, Los Angeles, CA

Your book, The Complete Guide to Natural Healing is the single most important guide in my healing practice. It is my Bible.

~ Linda, health practitioner, New York, NY.

I literally dragged my husband to a relationships session with Tom Monte. I was so fed-up with him being distant and uncommunicative. I think the thing that really impressed Jeff was that Tom had so much compassion and was not in any way judgmental. In a few sessions, Jeff opened up more than he had in over ten years of marriage. Tom helped us to see that we each had a truth to tell, and that there was room for both of us to exist in our relationship.

Maria, London

Tom is the most sincere, dedicated, down to earth and knowledgeable person with regards to nutrition and healing approaches. He is gentle yet direct and puts each person at the forefront of the work. You feel the workshop is tailored for you — and it is! His method draws upon existing laws of the universe and bringing out from one’s own life the practical wisdom and truth to transform ones view of self. Add to that a great facilitator who builds trust, beauty, and support among the group. And add to that a person so knowledgeable about the body, food, energy, emotions and who ties it all together like a work of art. Then you have a heart centered exciting workshop that is priceless! I left the workshop with so much knowledge self discovery and a kind of tattoo of life etched in my heart and invisibly threaded with the others in the group. It will blow your mind and your cover. Simply the best!

Carol, New York City, New York