2 Lecture set on Relationships, 3 CD set


These two lectures will help you to understand the true purpose of your deepest relationships.  You’ll never look at your relationship or partner the same way after you listen to these.    

 Can Love and Desire Grow?

 Our culture teaches us that the answer to this question is no, and that the only love that exists is what we feel at the beginning of relationships.  In this talk, Tom addresses the real meaning of love and the process by which two people commit to helping each other become who they came to earth to be. 

Making Relationships Better

 Why are relationships so important?  The deeper the love, the more both people are engaged in trying to become their whole selves. If we resist that process we fall into “you are not making me feel good anymore” and deny the goal that is inherent in the relationship, which is to heal our old wounds and help us evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

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