Stories of Recovery and Hope

Controlling Crohn’s Disease:  The Natural Way to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Controlling Crohn’s Disease:  The Natural Way to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, by Virginia Harper, with Tom Monte (2002) 

The personal story of a woman who completely restored her health after suffering from severe Crohn’s disease, an illness believed by doctors to be incurable.

When Hope Never Dies

When Hope Never Dies, by Marlene McKenna, with Tom Monte  (2000) 

The story of a woman’s spiritual journey that led to her recovery from “terminal” cancer. Published by Kensington Press.

The Way of Hope, by Tom Monte (1989) 

Between 1984 and 1987, scientists from Boston University examined the blood values of ten men who used diet and lifestyle changes as their sole treatment for AIDS. The Way of Hope follows the lives of those men and reports the study’s findings. Published by Warner Books.

Recalled By Life:  The Story of My Recovery From Cancer, by Anthony Sattilaro,M.D. with Tom Monte (1982) 

The most celebrated recovery from cancer ever published. A bestseller in hardback and paperback with more than 300,000 copies sold to date. Published throughout Europe and Asia. Published by Houghton Mifflin.

Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole, by Meg Wolff with Tom Monte (2005) 

Doctors gave Meg Wolff zero hope of recovering from invasive breast cancer, even after a mastectomy and radiation. But Meg did recover and is vibrantly healthy nine years later. Self published.

Pritikin: The Man Who Healed America’s Heart by Ilene Pritkin, with Tom Monte (1988)

A biography of Nathan Pritikin, the creator of the Pritikin Program for diet and exercise. Published by Rodale Press.

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