Tom and Toby Monte

Tom and Toby met at Rider College in Lawrenceville, New Jersey in 1975.  Toby was raised Jewish, Tom was raised Roman Catholic, so right from the start the two had a lot to talk about. One day, while Tom and Toby were embroiled in yet another philosophical discussion about Moses, Jesus, and Buddha, a friend popped into Tom’s dorm room and started chattering away about a crazy diet that attempted to create health, happiness, and enlightenment by balancing these two weird-sounding forces called yin and yang. Tom found it interesting. Toby thought it was the most important thing she had ever heard.

A couple of weeks later, the two stumbled upon a book by George Ohsawa, who described the very diet and lifestyle that their friend had spoken about in Tom’s dorm room. Tom and Toby read the book together on the beach the following morning. Toby went home, threw out all the meat, dairy and sugar in her kitchen, and began taking macrobiotic cooking classes in Philadelphia.

After graduation, Tom got a job as a newspaper reporter at the Trenton Times. Toby was hired as a high school teacher in the boonies of Southern New Jersey.  A year into his job, Tom wrote an article about macrobiotics that his editors refused to print. Tom and Toby realized that they could no longer live in New Jersey.  Tom quit the newspaper business. Toby quit her job as a teacher. And the two fled to Washington, D.C., where Tom became editor of Nutrition Action, a publication of Center for Science in the Public Interest. After a year at CSPI, and another two at the East West Journal in Boston, Tom began a career as a freelance writer, and Toby got pregnant.

Over the next 26 years, Tom wrote a lot of books – 33 to be exact – and hundreds of articles (no telling how many). (See books by Tom Monte.) Toby created a home for their three children — Jacob, Christina, and Daniel; three dogs, a bunch of cats, some goldfish, and Tom.

In 1982, Tom began teaching health and healing. In the 1990s, he started leading transformational workshops, and in the new millennium began The Healer’s Program. The Healer’s Program is a personal transformational experience, as well as an ongoing training for those who wish to become professional healers.

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